"Trevor's Team" of NAMI Green County will be walking for their 10th
consecutive year on Sunday, October 7, 2018 at Olin Turville Park in Madison, WI for Dane County’s 13th Annual NAMIwalk. We are looking at close to 45 walkers and we are hoping for a record year in donations. To date, our best was just over $9100 in 2014. We would love to break that record. In a shared revenue program with Dane County, half of the proceeds from the walk will come back to NAMI Green County.

Trevor’s Team was formed in 2009 to celebrate the memory of Trevor Moen, son of Conni Bigler, one of our NAMI Green County board members. Trevor lost his battle with depression at the age of 29 in October of 2007 and took his life. He had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder in his late teens. The team walks to fight the stigma associated with mental illness and to support and educate families and consumers.If you are interested in joining Trevor's Team, please contact Conni Bigler at clbigler@gmail.com or message her on facebook if you have questions.The event has been set up on her personal facebook page as well as the NAMI Green County facebook page. Messages and emails are welcome.

All team members are directed to sign up through the following
website. https://www.namiwalks.org/team/TrevorsTeam.

You can also make a secure donation there. Donations may also be sent to NAMI Green County, PO Box 343, New Glarus WI 53574.

Trevor’s Team and the NAMIWalks event is NAMI Green County’s major fundraising initiative annually. This year there is a clear opportunity to invest in bettering our communities’ mental health through financial support for CIT training. Currently there are only two trained officers in our area communities. Planning is underway and funding has been secured to bring Crisis Intervention Team training to Green County in mid-2019. Because it consists of week- long training, most likely agencies will need to backfill
for the officers that are away, thereby impacting their budgets.

NAMI Green County would like to offer stipends up to $1500 per officer trained to help defray these expenses. If you would like to donate to Green County specifically for Crisis Intervention Team training, we ask that you submit your donation by check to NAMI Green County, PO Box 343, New Glarus WI, 53574 and specify in the memo... CIT .
We thank you all for your past support!